Zona Imaginarium

Interactive visual space

Music and visual arts make deep vivid interactions and mutual influences possible in unexpected ways.

SABINE PLEYEL builds bridges between soul, image and colour through her unifying artistic proposal.
Thus, many of her artistic creations have become, throughout time, real sources of inspiration
for musicians – interpreters and composers alike. Countless times, the visual artist has found, in
turn, inspirational models in sound creations, hence always maintaining the arts dialogue open.
The musicians MIHAELA ANICA (flute), LAURA BURUIANA(cello), and HORIA MAXIM (piano) propose, in this game of influences, a spectacular and purposeful chamber programme, containing works
by Wolfram Wagner, Nino Rota, George Enescu, Bohuslav Martinu etc.., among others. And the result of this blending of the arts (interactive installation concert – ‘’connecting the unexpected’’), mediated by the
composer and multimedia visual artist CĂTĂLIN CREȚU, represents no more, no less than a new and meaningful aesthetic experience.
The originality of the present endeavour resides in the virtual expansion, in enriching the “classical” space where the instrumental ensemble is placed during the recital through the mediation of new technologies. To this purpose, modern visual techniques will be used, namely mixed images processing of real time captures with the musicians and the audience, all interactively transformed through gestures and sounds made by the instrumentalist artists and projected onto unconventional surfaces: fabric, distorted walls, mirrors, curtains/drapes, depending on the context. Therefore, the instrumental ensemble no longer plays “on stage” but inside a dynamic visual installation that places the audience in a different artistic dimension.

ZONA IMAGINARIUM – Point Festival 2018